By John F. Simon Jr.

Distributed in partnership with Art Blocks Engine

Artwrld is pleased to present our first on-chain generative project – John F. Simon Jr.'s ComplexCity, a collection of generative artworks updated from his seminal software media artwork, and ode to New York City, ComplexCity (2000).

Now available, the collection consists of 256 unique artworks constructed from six possible templates that vary in composition, interactivity, and rarity.

Priced at .2 ETH. Available for random mint.

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Curated by Nato Thompson and Cody Edison.


“ John F. Simon Jr. talks about code as a form of creative writing. Code has also been referred to as the medium, the 'paint and canvas' of digital artists but it transcends this metaphor in that it even allows artists to write their own tools...
— Christiane Paul, Curator of Digital Art at the Whitney Museum of American Art